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Sri Lanka Exchange Rates

Exchange RatesBuying RateSelling RateEffective Date
US Dollar298.00314.0006/24/2024
Pound Sterling377.00397.0006/24/2024
Australian Dollar194.00213.0006/24/2024
Singapore Dollar217.00240.0006/24/2024
Japanese Yen1.822.0106/24/2024
Canadian Dollar214.00232.0006/24/2024
Swiss Franc332.00360.0006/24/2024
United Arab Emirates Dirham80.0087.0006/24/2024
Saudi Riyal78.0085.0006/24/2024
Qatari Riyal74.0084.0006/24/2024
Omani Riyal758.00818.0006/24/2024
Bahraini Dinar747.00832.0006/24/2024
Chinese Yuan33.0044.0006/24/2024
Hong Kong Dollar34.0044.0006/24/2024
Jordanian Dinar388.00438.0006/24/2024
Kuwaiti Dinar939.001019.0006/24/2024
Malaysian Ringgit59.0069.0006/24/2024
Thai Baht7.0013.0006/24/2024

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