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Our Ijarah facility is used to transfer the usufruct of a property by its owner or lessor to another party, in exchange for a rent claimed from the lessee or the user. The Ijarah Lease can be offered for unregistered and registered vehicles, machineries and equipment, and it also offers flexible repayment plans subject to a minimum period of 1 year. There is also the added advantage of being able to customize your monthly rental and the period as per the lessee’s requirement. Insurance can either be added to the rental (capitalized) or paid upfront.

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  • For the validity of Ijarah, the subject asset of the lease must have a usable value. Therefore, things with no usufruct cannot be leased.

Individuals: Applicant should be a Sri Lankan citizen of age above 18

I. Identification proof–National Identity Card (NIC)/ Driving License (DL)/ Passport (PP)

II.Address proof –NIC/ Utility bill/ Grama Sewaka Certificate

III.Income proof –Salary Slips/ Bank Documents/ other income proof documents

IV.Guarantor details –NIC/DL/PP, Billing proof/ Income proof

Sole Proprietorship:

I.Identification proof–Business Registration (BR)

II.Income proof –Bank statements, financial statements


I.Identification proof–BR, Consent of all partners

II.Income proof –Bank Statements, Financial Statements

Corporate Customers:

I.Identification proof–BR/ Form 41 or Form 1/20/ Memorandum of Articles and Board Resolution certified by Director or Secretary of the Company

II.Address proof–Form 13

III.Income proof–Financial Statements/ Bank Statements/ other income proof documents

IV.Guarantor details –ID proof/ Address confirmation/ Income proof

Other requirements

  • Duly completed and executed application form and Shariah documents

The following details of the vehicles are required for all types of aforementioned clients

  • Supplier Invoice
  • Revenue License & Tax receipts
  • Duplicate Key
  • Vehicle Valuation Report
  • Certificate of Registration
  • A fixed rental is charged during the tenure of the ‘Ijarah' product, based on the credit risk of the client.
  • Absence of rental payments on due date are liable to an Administration Fee of 2.75% p.m and a Charity Contribution of 1% p.m. which will only be applicable after 3 days of grace period.

Following charges are applicable for ‘Ijarah’ facilities.

  • CRIB Charges
  • Vehicle Valuation
  • Postage
  • Stamp Duty
  • RMV Charges
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Documentation Charges
  • Processing Fees