Mortgage Loans
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Mortgage loans can be obtained for any valid purpose with the provision of a security with a deed. You can also be eligible if you meet the basic fundamental housing requirements as deemed realistic in society, a real estate value of suitable value, or any developments that you may have had in the real estate market. Enjoy this facility that brings you a low and competitive interest rate, and approvals within a significantly short period of time.

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  • Sri Lankan Nationals / Foreigners over 18 years of age, holding a valid National IdentityCard/valid passport and residing in Sri Lanka. 
  • Easy loans for repairing your home, building a new home, purchasing or adding an extension to your home or purchasing a land 
  • Lowest payment rates & longest payment periods 
  • Overseas working professionals can obtain loans based on foreign earnings and build their dream home in Sri Lanka 
  • Maximum support in fulfilling legal and other formalities 
  • Minimum red tape and quick service 
  • Fast approval process